Consulting Services

Risk Management –  Today’s organizations need effective risk management; however, identifying where to start, what’s important and how to integrate security into the enterprise can challenge anyone. Our Risk Management services  will transform your current security state into a more mature model.

Threat Assessment VA/PT- Assessing your security state can help you find the vulnerabilities in your security before attackers discover them. Identify and proactively manage vulnerabilities, mitigate risk and improve your overall security posture

Incident Response – As your adversaries become more sophisticated, you need to be ready to rapidly plan, respond and remediate suspected or known security incidents. Through our cybersecurity specialists and forensic-data collectors investigate and remediate threats to your organization

Application Security  –  The ability to quickly develop, test and deploy applications is crucial to the success of today’s business initiatives. Our Application Security Services help protect, monitor and better manage business-developed, open source and commercial applications by integrating robust security throughout the application lifecycle.

Cloud Security   –  As organizations seek ways to harness the agility and pay-per-usage benefits of private, public and hybrid cloud environments, security continues to limit the scope of cloud adoption. Our Cyber Cloud Security Services address the unique challenges of securing virtual environments for cloud and Infrastructure-as-a-Service, giving you full visibility across traditional and next-generation platforms.

Endpoint Security – Organizations’ desktops, laptops and servers face constant attack by a wide range of targeted threats. Monitoring and responding to this shifting threat environment across a global inventory poses major challenges. Our Endpoint Security Services address the core security functions required for a solid foundation, providing the necessary controls to protect an infrastructure of IT assets and secure data 24x7x365.

Identity and Access Management – As criminals continue to expand their reach and regulators introduce mandates to increase the level of trust for online identities, identity management solutions have kept pace. Our global Identity Management portfolio provides the tools to manage user identities and their entitlements, and control access to information while meeting regulatory and security requirements.

Network Security Services –  Organizations today face an unprecedented number of security threats, and the sheer quantity of risks only promises to grow as employees, customers and partners embrace new trends and innovations. Our Network Security Services help organizations gain greater visibility and control over assets and sensitive information across the enterprise.

Risk Management Centers –  Our Risk Management Centers combine the best security experts, processes and technologies to assist clients as they govern, detect, assess and respond to today’s changing threat landscape. Leveraging a set of integrated controls, our centers empower organizations to embrace disruptive, next-generation technologies to help minimize risk, automate compliance, optimize security and ultimately enable their business.