PCI-DSS Awareness

PCI-DSS Awareness program is delivered as a part of our PCI-DSS certification assistance program and provides basic knowledge of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. The Banking/Financial Services employees need to have a complete understanding of the mandated and recommended security practices which aids PCI compliance. The course outlines the challenges surrounding payment card security and explains what the PCI Standards do to mitigate these issues.


A QSA auditor’s perspective into Scoping, Analysis, Remediation and Assessment of issues.

Insight into PCI DSS compliance validation.

Comparative study of PCI DSS standard in relations to other standards such as PA-DSS and P2PE.

Who should attend?

This entry level program that will deliver an overview of PCI-DSS for individuals working in Banking and Financial services companies who much meet the PCI compliance requirements, for example:

  • Merchants
  • Third party service providers
  • Businesses who accepts credit card payments
  • Businesses who deal with processing, storing and transmitting card data
  • Acquirers


There are no formal requirements but we recommend attendees read the PCI DSS v3.2 standard beforehand.

Delivery Model

  • Duration: 1 Day / 8 hour
  • Mode of Delivery: Hands on Worksho