Our SOC Enablement Services help customers develop and align the processes, procedures and training required to create a high-functioning SOC for your organization.

  • Align your security operations with your business objectives.
  • Test your capacity for handling complex scenarios.
  • Design and implement the processes and procedures for a fully functional
  • security operations center tailored to your business.
  • Set up a non-production environment for training and testing.

Picking the right platform is not enough—you need to align it to your business’s people, processes and technology. NetSentries’ SOC Enablement Services help you use Security Intelligence Platform to build your SOC as an efficient and effective monitoring and response program. With these services, we work with you to develop the three inputs most vital to the success of your SOC:

  • People: Maximize the value of your security team in order to build an effective and efficient monitoring and response program
  • Processes: Build repeatable, enabled, and automated workflows that align your Security Intelligence Platform with your organization’s functions and responsibilities
  • Technology: Optimally leverage environmental data and threat intelligence, detect advanced attacks with real-time machine analytics, and rapidly neutralize threats with the industry’s leading detection and response platform