The success of a project is reliant on the ability to secure the resources with the genius needed to implement a successful strategy. Using a strategic approach to technology staffing, our mission is to align cyber security initiatives with our clients’ business objectives.
NetSentries employees hold active security clearances, with leading industry certifications such as CISSP, CISA, OSCE, ENCE, LPT, ECSA and CEH, and available to secure your assets and networks. These cleared, experienced and certified staff members possess a wide range of personal and professional backgrounds across public and private sectors from all corners of the globe.

We deliver top cyber security talent where and when you need it, and we stay involved throughout the assignment. We work with a wide range of industries, and are building relationships with new clients and consultants every single day. Whether your needs are for Temporary Staffing, Temporary to Hire, Direct Hire, or just Consulting Services, NetSentries provides genius into your projects.

Why NetSentries?

  • Scalability on Demand: With its highly competitive Resource Management Group (RMG), NetSentries ensures that the best resources are dedicated and made available on time; enabling customers to quickly scale up according to their project plans.
  • Improve Efficiency: NetSentries ensures that the customers get the best-in-class professionals who are skilled and experienced in the right technology with fine customer interactions, enhancing customer productivity and efficiency.
  • Control Attrition: NetSentries lives up to the customer commitments to ensure that resources serve the project duration with minimal or no attrition. NetSentries understands the criticality of resource management and provides complete control over resource attrition, and extends quick support to overcome resource deficiency.

NetSentries Benefits

  • NetSentries supports IT resource requests globally, thus enabling customers to bag best in-class technical and functional resources.
  • Customers benefit from our cutting edge staffing practices with a mature way to access specialized skills, expertise, and contract employees, thereby reducing customer overhead of part-time recruitment.
  • With the simple resource management solution provided by NetSentries, customers can meet their project deadlines easily and conveniently.
  • Our Security Consultants are backed by appropriate certifications and quality management ethics that help them formulate the right strategy for successful implementation and delivery of projects.


  • Application Security
  • Data Security
  • Infrastructure Security
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Web Security