Relying on a wide-range of intelligence information and sources (including its own experiences), NetSentries helps clients build their unique threat intelligence network which is custom-designed to their industry’s specifications. When used effectively, Threat Intelligence provides highly credible alerts. Often these alerts include actionable procedures that your organization can implement in case of an occurrence.

NetSentries customizes the threat intelligence process to specific industries and clients. This increases the effectiveness of your organization’s security program via a non-intrusive, compact solution with relatively low maintenance costs. Armed with threat intelligence information, your organization can proactively improve malware detection ratios and response times.

NetSentries employs professionals with exemplary backgrounds in various finance, corporate, and physical security fields. We are highly experienced in building effective incident response teams who use threat intelligence as one of several incident detection methods. Additionally, NetSentries uses a far reaching web of intelligence threat information for our own use as well as to provide accurate and timely information to our clients.

Developing the threat intelligence process is executed in four phases:

  • Review Environment: NetSentries works with the client to determine the types and sources of information most critical for uninterrupted, secure operations.
  • Define the Threat Intelligence Process: Based on your organization’s security profile, regulatory requirements, and business drivers, NetSentries works with your staff to develop the process of gathering threat intelligence on a regular basis. This information is streamlined into alerts, reports, and correlation logic to identify potential threats. High-fidelity alerts with clear, actionable outcomes are identified and created as part of the design.
  • Deploy: Working with your operations staff, NetSentries creates a project plan that incorporates a rollout strategy and testing methodology. NetSentries’ unique ability to simulate attacks helps this process by allowing us to validate the ability to detect malicious activity.
  • Review and Refine: Post-deployment, NetSentries encourages feedback after the team has had the opportunity to use the threat intelligence information. Elimination of distracting cyber threat “noise”, addition of new/updated security controls, and review of new threat intelligence information all ensure that the threat intelligence process remains effective and current.