RPA Security Assessment

Outlining the standard framework for risk identification and mitigation for operating RPA programs at scale to complete security analysis for each step of the process and gain the insights required before deployment.


RPA Security Assessment

Outlining the standard framework for risk identification and mitigation for operating RPA programs at scale to complete security analysis for each step of the process and gain the insights required before deployment.

Are you protecting privileged accounts leveraged by the robotics system and users?

Are you confident that data and results you receive from bots has not been modified or altered?

RPA Security Assessment

Netsentries RPA Security Assessment provides advisory support to evaluate the security of your RPA infrastructure. Our evaluation aims on identifying security vulnerabilities in your RPA infrastructure, management, and compliance.



of enterprises will be GDPR compliant. by May 2018 According to Aragon Research.



dollar is the estimated size of the global automation market by 2020.



Of the global IT service centers pursuing automation pilots.



of data privacy incidents occur due to compromised files by internal resources due to uncontrolled access to data files residing on shared drives.

Our Approach

Netsentries Threat Management Consultants conduct Threat Modelling on RPA systems to identify potential vulnerabilities at an early stage based on the RPA design and architecture.

Overall RPA security posture

Netsentries conduct reviews to evaluate your entire RPA infrastructure focusing on Security by reviewing authentication and access control, Sensitivity of the data accessed by the bot and Cryptography.

Access control and Incident Management

The Netsentries team ensures a thorough review of user roles and related permissions and segregation of privileged and least privileged accounts as well as Review incident response policy related to RPA infrastructure including roles and processes related to an incident

Data protection and Network security

Review robustness of data protection measures and encryption of data in transit and at rest. Review of Network segmentation and firewall rules and controls.

Risk Management and Compliance

We do a comprehensive review of the security policy components a thorough vulnerability assessment and identify the related risks and create remediation plans.

RPA Security Forensic Analysis

Netsentries conduct assessments of the entire environment to identify potential attacks vectors, and also perform in-depth forensic analysis of individual systems. The RPA forensic analysis has a broader benefit; it detects malware, determines the initial point of entry and root cause of the attack, and highlights the affected data.

RPA Security Penetration Testing

Our testing approach includes internal and external components of RPA-hosted infrastructure; identifying vulnerabilities and leveraging them to demonstrate what an attacker could do, and evaluating organizations ability to detect malicious activity within your RPA architecture.

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Mobile Application Security Testing

Our comprehensive test methodologies include frameworks to detect and highlight security flaws in mobile applications using the SAST, DAST and IAST methods that cater to both static and behavioral analysis. Our methods ensure there are no possibilities of any false positives, and they detect risks and create a remediation plan to fix loopholes.

NetSentries SWIFT Assessment Framework

NetSentries SWIFT Assessment Framework (N-SAF) helps Banks to identify weaknesses in their SWIFT environment and remediate them while being in compliance with SWIFT Customer Security Program (CSP) and SWIFT Independent Assessment Framework (IAF).

Web Application Security Testing

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