NetSentries SWIFT Assessment Framework

NetSentries SWIFT Assessment Framework (N-SAF) helps Banks to identify weaknesses in their SWIFT environment and remediate them while being in compliance with SWIFT Customer Security Program (CSP) and SWIFT Independent Assessment Framework (IAF).


NetSentries SWIFT Assessment Framework

NetSentries SWIFT Assessment Framework (N-SAF) helps Banks to identify weaknesses in their SWIFT environment and remediate them while being in compliance with SWIFT Customer Security Program (CSP) and SWIFT Independent Assessment Framework (IAF).

Have you conducted a review of your SWIFT Security Controls Framework?

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NetSentries SWIFT Assessment Framework

NetSentries is a SWIFT approved CSSP (Cyber Security Service Provider) that helps financial institutions review compliance with SWIFT CSP and provides additional layers of protection leveraging on its technological and cybersecurity expertise gained in service of the banking industry.


financial institutions use SWIFT globally and in more than 200 countries.

Our Approach

The NetSentries SWIFT Assessment Framework (N-SAF) follows the tried and tested ADVR model (Asses, Declare, Validate & Respond) and will assess all prerequisites of the original SWIFT CSP catalog, divided by chapter and subchapter., query and evaluate each item transparently against the Bank’s SWIFT implementation and provide a clear picture of the Bank’s compliance grade for each component of the CSP catalog. The service provides recommendations to implement measures and guidelines to close identified gaps and maintain evidence and artifacts repository for compliance assurance. Assistance is provided to create and implement security use cases and correlation rules for enabling the SOC to detect potential breaches to the SWIFT ecosystem.

ASSESS: Simulation to test controls implemented in the Bank’s SWIFT Ecosystem

During this phase, the SWIFT ecosystem of the financial organization will be assessed from the perspective of a real intruder or an attacker. All E-banking channels, Consumer application of SWIFT, Operator Workstations and associated infrastructure will fall within the scope of the assessment. The assessment will be performed in a controlled non-disruptive manner with best efforts for zero annoyance on business operations. The defense capabilities of the blue team security suite and the detection capabilities of Cyber SOC for each of the simulated threat scenarios will be recorded and reported.

DECLARE: CSP Gap Assessment in line with SWIFT CSCF

Using an easy to understand questionnaire, our team works with the SWIFT work-force within the bank to capture the present posture of the Mandatory and Advisory controls as mandated by CSCF. The resulting Gap assessment report is discussed with the client and remediation advisory is provided to mitigate the findings.

VALIDATE: Effectiveness validation for CSP self-assessment and third party assessment report

N-SAF uses a hybrid approach of passive and active test cases for measuring the effectiveness of logical security controls associated with the SWIFT ecosystem. Evidence in the form of screenshots, configurations files, videos or snapshots, and policy documents will be collected to create an internal evidence repository for SWIFT CSCF. The collected evidence and captured responses will be used for creating a compliance matrix showcasing the SWIFT-CSP security posture.

RESPOND: C-SOC enablement for SWIFT environment breach detection

NetSentries Cyber Threat Management Team has created a proprietary “correlation rule and use case” bundle, specifically for monitoring SWIFT related attacks. Publicly available historical SWIFT breaches or incidents, advisories from SWIFT and product vendors are considered for carving out these special-purpose use cases.

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